•When the Door Shuts•

I held Xan for the first time on the week of his first birthday. Confusion – Happy Tears – Baby Smell – Overwhelming LOVE ❤️ I knew that he was mine


Two weeks after coming home, we were told his case was rejected by the court system. Panic – Tears – Anger – Heartbreak


My husband gave up. My family was heartbroken. I was crushed


Then it hit – DETERMINATION. This child was mine, and no one was going to tell me no


Our attorney & his son kicked it into high gear. I called Senators & Congressmen. I wrote letters to the White House. Mom found me an influential couple in country. Plans were made


Life shut a door on our adoption. With God, Family, Friends & Guatemalan Family by my side – we blew that door wide open!!


••Thanks to ALL that made me a MOTHER••

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