Thanks for visting

I am humbled by your interest, and grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you. It means a lot that you have taken the time to learn more about who I am, and what I am passionate about. I hope that my insights can be of value to you, and that we have the opportunity to connect at a conference. Once again, thank you for your support, and for being a part of my journey.



+ What’s your full story?

The full story?! That’s gonna take a while… [podcast coming soon].
For the shorter version… I’m a small-town girl, living with her hubs + kiddo
+ critters, speaking in big cities, writing for a few publications, disrupting
small-town real estate, and testing-implementing-improving automations
that ease the stress of every day tasks

+ How did you become an entrepreneur?

I was a horrible employee. Seriously, I was fired from job, after job, after job.
Why? Probably because my philosophy towards my supervisors sounded
something like… “I don’t have a problem with authority. I have a problem
with the fact that you do not have authority over me.”

+ What do you do when you’re not working?

I daydream about ways to improve [in all areas of life]: learn, grow,
structure, re-structure, and impact the world positively [do not confuse
my passion with “hustle culture”]. Every area of my life blends together,
and I love it. The hubs and I work together, the kiddo homeschools
in my office, our teammates are family, our extended family became
family to our teammates [we even vacation together!!], we have
team critters – and critters at home, my best friends work with me,
and on, and on…

+ How do you balance work-life, wife-life, mom-life, faith-life?

I failed – A LOT. Luckily, my family has more patience than I do, and they
were willing to work with me on my short-comings. I am nowhere near
perfect, but I have definitely improved, and I am always looking for ways
to improve even further. If I had to name “one thing” that made me better
at balancing juggling, it was learning that the quality of time I spent, was
much more important than the quantity of time. For example… If I were to
take off work early, sit in the living room with the fam, and spend the next
four hours in the same room, working on my laptop, and not speaking… that
would have a much less meaningful impact, than if I had taken off work early,
sat at the library table with the fam, spent one hour playing Uno, chatting about
the day’s events, and then spending the next three hours working on my laptop

+ What is your daily routine?

Monday through Friday are consistent: wake up between 345am – 415am,
workout for 45 minutes, verse of the day, shower [not washing my hair],
get dressed, arrive at my desk by 630am. Saturday’s events stay the same,
but the wake-up time is based on my sleep needs [no alarm]. Sunday’s
events stay the same, but we go to church at 830am vs work. After church,
we usually eat lunch out, I nap for several hours, then spend the rest of the
day relaxing in my pj’s

+ Where can we see more of the real you?

As if I’m not real enough here… If you want to “watch”
the real me, then follow my Instagram stories

+ How can I work with you?

It depends on what you are looking for. Are you searching for a
signed copy of my book? EMAIL us at team@stepharnettms.com.
Would you like to interview for a coaching client position? EMAIL
me directly at sarnett@yourcoach.com, and we will schedule an interview.
Are you looking for me to speak at your event? EMAIL my manager at speaker@stepharnettms.com. Would you like to work with our Group as a
real estate client? EMAIL me directly at stephanie@mississippimagnolia.com,
and we will schedule an intro call. Testing the waters with a new landscaping
& turf management company? EMAIL us at office@uslawnsofstarkville.com.



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