To be exact, I was rejected twice, in one day Rejection A:  *received by email, before our scheduled video call “We do not need to talk. After looking at your profile, the only things we have in common are being women, and working in real estate. You discuss God and family too much.”. Rejection B:… Read more

  • Feeling Overwhelmed By Your INBOX?

    When you have a packed schedule, the prospect of tackling an inbox of dozens of unread messages can feel insurmountable Not to mention, the defeat you may feel when you respond to one email, and it is replaced by two new unread emails While “snoozing” will not solve all of your inbox woes, it is… Read more

  • •A Mom’s Fear•

    As she packed her bag for the long day’s work, she made sure the kiddo was settled in for home-school. Since work takes her away from the house, a friend volunteered to watch over the kiddo’s school progress Comforted, she left for the day’s work Smile after smile, meeting after meeting, hour after hour, her… Read more

  • Rescheduled, Cancelled , Rescheduled, Cancelled, Rescheduled, Rental Car, Cancelled, New Airline

    Los Angeles to Mississippi Groggy, I rubbed my eyes, rolled over, and confirmed that I had woken up before my alarm — 230am… again [thanks, Pacific Time] California did not turn out to be the “sunny & 75” I was expecting. Instead, there was a winter weather storm notice, complete with strong winds, and cold… Read more

  • One Thousand Eight Hundred Seconds Equals Thousands of Dollars

    What if I told you… one thousand eight hundred seconds equals thousands of dollars???? What If I told you… it happens once every twelve months???? What if I told you… it’s free to claim???? **drumroll, please…*** Allow me to introduce you to… HOMESTEAD!!!! The State of Mississippi allows a special provision in the tax laws that reduces the… Read more

  • •Lovie Dovie•

    How in the world were we supposed to celebrate her 80th birthday???? By 80, I assume you’ve done most everything you want to 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not Aunt June… She wanted a “weekend to remember” with her girls. The finest of dining, the tastiest desserts, ocean waves waking her, sand between her toes, her girls under one… Read more