•Mother’s Day•


Mother’s Day

“Happy Mother’s Day!!” – yelled across the parking lot by a stranger

“Would all of the Moms please stand to be recognized?” – a well meaning preacher

“You wouldn’t understand, you don’t have kids.” – a friend

May is upon us, and Mother’s Day is around the corner.  If you would allow, may I ask a favor from you?

Mother’s Day

If your Mother is on this earth – CALL HER.  I don’t care what the disruption was, I promise, you will miss her when she is gone.

If your spouse is a Mother, do not spend the day spoiling her – spend EVERY DAY showing her how much you appreciate her.

If you have lost your Mother, share her love!!  No one will be able to share her legacy like you. Tell stories. Reminisce. Think of all the ways you are like her, even when you swore you wouldn’t be.

Mother’s Day

Lastly, be KIND to the women who do not “fit” the traditional mothering role.  There are women who grieve every Mother’s Day over a lost child.  What about the women who sit in silence, wondering why God has not allowed them to be the one thing they desire the most?  A MOM.  How about the adoptive mother who put in years of paperwork, only to not be recognized.  The evil Step-Moms too.  Most are pouring love out of a broken heart – wondering why the children they promised to love will never return the feeling.  Single-Moms, doing everything in their power to make sure their children have all of their heart’s desires.

Mother’s Day is a time to REJOICE, but it is also a time to be KIND.

Spread LOVE and KINDNESS this Mother’s Day.

Best Wishes,

Mother’s Day

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