Different Does Not Mean <

Different does not mean less than… or, does it?

I was recently contacted by an adult Daughter, concerning her elderly Mother’s home. The Daughter was driving in from out of state, and planned to return to her home, with her Mother in tow. The Daughter went into great detail, to explain the heartbreak her Mother was dealing with, in abandoning the family home. She asked that I not “muddy the waters” for her Mother, and to discuss the details with her.

As I pulled up to the home, I could see the love it once held. Flowering shrubs, the remnants of a large garden, a covered back porch, that held so many chairs for her loved ones to reminisce. I knocked. The Daughter met me at the door, and with an understanding nod, I entered the time capsule.

As I turned the corner to the living room, sitting on an overstuffed couch, was the Matriarch of the family. It took me a split-second to see that this woman was a force. I bowed my head with respect, introduced myself, and asked her why she thought it was her “time to go”. Her head raised, she looked me straight in the eyes, and in the strongest accent I have ever heard, said “I am an old woman.”.

The conversation did not stop there. The Matriach showed me her family, told me about her Husband, her children, her grandchildren, her calloused hands, and the delicate linens they created. We spoke of her journey to the United States, the fall of the Berlin Wall, her faith…

I saw the guilt. She had crossed oceans to get to where I was standing, and she felt defeated. Her body was tired, but her mind was sharp. It hurt to see.

Years ago, I heard a Pastor speak about seasons in life. Some tough, some joyous, some sad, and some smooth. The Matriarch and I discussed the seasons, and we both agreed that his wisdom seemed to hold true. We made eye contact, and as confidently as I could, I spoke… “This is a new season for you. This season, will be your season… You will share your knowledge, teach your skills, and make memories with those who love you the most.”. I will never forget the twinkle of excitement in her eyes…

As I excused myself, and walked outside with the Daughter, I thanked her for the consideration, and asked for her to keep in touch. Confused, the Daughter asked where the “paperwork” was. I explained that I would love to work with her family, but that I recommend all potential clients interview at least two other real estate agents. Trust, rapport, knowledge, and personality should be considered when someone chooses to work with an agent (you never know how long you may be stuck with us 😉 )

She scoffed. Curiosity always gets the best of me, so I asked what the scoff was for. She did her best to condense the story, and hide her frustation. “We tried. My Brother called several real estate agents in the area, and I am assuming, because of the price range, maybe the location, no one would even come out. No one. He gave up, and told me to find someone. I tried – you are the only one that came out. You are our agent.”.

So, I pose the question again… Does different, mean “less than“?

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