•A Mom’s Fear•

As she packed her bag for the long day’s work, she made sure the kiddo was settled in for home-school. Since work takes her away from the house, a friend volunteered to watch over the kiddo’s school progress

Comforted, she left for the day’s work

Smile after smile, meeting after meeting, hour after hour, her scheduled break time finally came. While her break was spent working, she truly enjoyed her associate’s company

As she was heading out to her next meeting, she was frantically notified of an emergency taking place – at her house!!

Panic set in…

What was happening?! Was everyone ok?!

It felt as though her heart slowed, and the pounding was ten times the normal force. The pressure in her chest was building…. Due to the force, she was unable to catch a full breath

She tried to reach help, but no one was there…

She tried again… no one…

Finally, the house was in view. Her heart pounded faster…. each beat echoed in her ears

As she opened the door, she made immediate eye contact with a police officer. She rushed right past, she wanted her son!!

As she turned the corner, she made eye contact with a second police officer

FINALLY!! She saw her baby…. He did not say a word, but he looked into her eyes, just to let her know he was ok

She pushed the confusion further away… She needed to know her loved ones were safe. She turned in circles, settling her eyes on each loved one, and finally breathed a sigh of relief

As she settled her heart, she began to obtain pieces to the puzzle

Two police, in full tactical gear, with hands on the their holstered pistols, had her son, and her loved ones, contained in one room, with with the exits blocked

Three other policemen were out of site, scattered all through her home

She moved closer to her son…. He would never admit, but having her close at that moment, gave him a rush of relief

As she asked her loved ones why, and what, they frantically did their best to recount the events

She was told her son was in the middle of his homeschool class, his school proctor was reading at the desk next to him, her friend was walking the dog, her house guest, and a family friend, were visiting in the upstairs living area

The police knocked on the door, and without hesitation, forced their way into the home. The police then corralled everyone in the home, and forced them to one room. Silently waiting… as the exits were blocked, and armed guards, clothed in tactical gear, sent to intimidate, stood watch, with their hands comfortably resting on their guns…

March 9, 2023
400 Greensboro

Starkville UDC 13.5.9 [HOME OCCUPATION]

“Do not interpret this writ as limiting your authority to seize all contraband, … or as limiting your authority to make valid arrest…”

Judge Brian Kelley

Five Law Enforcement Officers of the Starkville Police Department


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