•Letter to Your 18 Year-Old Self•

Dear Me

• Letter to Your 18 Year-Old Self •

Lauren (aka – the poor soul in training to be my right hand) proposed this blog.  With new graduates hitting the world with rose-colored glasses, what better way to offer guidance, than to share the ONE THING we wish we had known at their age?

As I sat and pondered what I would tell myself, all I could think about were the stupid, embarrassing and TOTALLY uncalled for events of my early years.

Well, here goes nothing…

Hey!!  Eighteen Year-Old Stephanie,

Listen up.  This is your FUTURE self, writing to give you ONE piece of advice.  After living your life, looking back through SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many mistakes, and knowing what I do now, my recommendation is…


You are STRONG.  You have made it through sexual abuse, managed not to succumb to alcohol-smoking-or drugs, and are a believer in Christ.

You will break hearts, and you will have your heart crushed
You will move THIRTEEN times in 3 years, and live in FOUR states
You will disappoint your family & friends
You will live without electricity for several months (because you spent your college tuition on animals)
You will be fired
You will deal with cancer
You will deal with betrayal

You lived a life of too many mistakes to count, but you LIVED!!  You did what no one else you knew would.  You literally woke up one morning, packed your animals, and drove to another state – having no clue where you would live, what you would do, or who you would meet.

I’m not going to spoil the outcomes of “life”, but I will calm your nerves a little, and let you know that you stopped cancer in it’s tracks, married your complete opposite (who has two kids!!), you have a son that holds your heart, and you still LOVE Pizza Hut!!

See ya on the flip-side!!

Stephanie, Year 2018

So, what would you tell your eighteen year-old self?  Send me a selfie-video with your ONE THING, and I will add you to our video.

Letter to Your 18 Year-Old Self

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