•Lovie Dovie•

Aunt June, Flora-Bama for her 80th Birthday

How in the world were we supposed to celebrate her 80th birthday???? By 80, I assume you’ve done most everything you want to 🤷🏼‍♀️

Not Aunt June…

She wanted a “weekend to remember” with her girls. The finest of dining, the tastiest desserts, ocean waves waking her, sand between her toes, her girls under one roof, and her final desire?? A night of laughter & dancing

**Queue the notorious honky-tonk, Flora-Bama

The buzz of excitement in the condo could be felt by all. We scurried, room to room, sharing powders, sprays & blouses, all getting ready for the evening

As we watched Aunt June step out, ready for her night, the roar of laughter could be heard for miles

The glittery tiara sat perfectly atop her head, the birthday sash was displayed prominently, and her red lipstick was on point. She was READY!!

As we took to the dance floor, birthday banner in hand, and Aunt June center-stage, the band spontaneously started to sing “Happy Birthday”

Before we knew what was happening, young men started circling our group, and singing in unison. Without skipping a beat, they started a line, that began with Aunt June, and an end that could not be seen

They wanted to dance… with Aunt June!!

For the first time in my life, I saw her blush. She hurried over to me, and whispered…

“I’ve never danced with another man, besides my Bill…” [the year he passed away, they had been married 49 years]

With a comforting hug, I asked her what he would say to her at this very moment

She paused, her eyes filled with joy, and she smiled as big as she ever had, and ran back to the dance floor – to her waiting gentlemen

One by one, each gentleman at the Flora-Bama, stood in line, to celebrate our LOVIE DOVIE

Aunt June, as I watched your loved ones today, I believe my Momma said it best…

“She’s not gone…. She gave us enough love to last two lifetimes!!”

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