One Thousand Eight Hundred Seconds Equals Thousands of Dollars

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What if I told you… one thousand eight hundred seconds equals thousands of dollars????

What If I told you… it happens once every twelve months????

What if I told you… it’s free to claim????

**drumroll, please…***

Allow me to introduce you to… HOMESTEAD!!!!

The State of Mississippi allows a special provision in the tax laws that reduces the property taxes people have to pay [on their primary home]

But, Stephanie…  I already know about homestead – tell me something I don’t know

  • if you are over 65, you may be entitled to further exemptions
  • if you are disabled, you may be entitled to further exemptions
  • if you purchased a home for your college student, they may be able to file homestead, and save you even more money!! [ask your REALTOR or Attorney for details]

TRUE STORY [do not read if you easily get sick to your stomach]

John & Jane Doe bought their “one day retirement home” ten years agoJohn & Jane’s real estate agent never told them about homestead

John & Jane’s closing attorney did, kind-of, during the ceremonial “tossing of papers all over the closing table in a rush” kinda way

John & Jane lived happily for the next ten years

John & Jane’s daughter is a REALTOR, and shared her annual homestead reminder, and for some reason, Jane decided to call and check on their homestead

To Jane’s surprise, homestead had never been filed on their home

To John’s horror, they had been paying their home’s full tax value, and spending $7,000 per year that could have been “free money” back to them

As John added in his head…   $7,000 extra per year…  ten years had gone by…  $70,000?!

Don’t be like John & Jane Doe – call your tax office today!!

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